PHIX CEO Albert Hasper welcomes you to 2024

PHIX CEO Albert Hasper reflects on 2023 and looks ahead into 2024 

2023 was a year in which our integrated photonics industry accelerated further. Many of our customers were scaling up their volumes from single digits towards prototype series ready to be scaled up. The integrated photonics ecosystem and its supply chain became more mature. We saw a large increase in the number of customers and their applications of photonic chip technology, and big industry players like TSMC have started to put integrated photonics on their roadmaps. To cope with this growth, we again drastically grew our team in 2023 with people that are ambitious and talented in the field of integrated photonics. This group of experts now consists of more than 18 nationalities, and it is an honor to spend another year with this gifted team that provides photonics packaging solutions that are the basis for the success of our customers.

portrait of Albert Hasper of PHIX Photyonics Assembly taken in the fab

Looking towards 2024, PHIX will focus on scaling up the technologies and methodologies towards volume production that we developed over the last year. We’re excited to be moving to a new building that is completely earmarked for PHIX in the first half of 2024. Its dedicated cleanroom production capabilities will help us professionalize and industrialize further and entertain the necessary growth of our customers’ business. Our commercial success and the help of our investors has given us a solid financial basis to grow further and invest ahead of the curve.

I would like to wish all the followers of PHIX a healthy and joyful 2024! As a company we hope to continue supporting your success in maturing and industrializing integrated photonics technology.

Yours sincerely, Albert Hasper

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