Industry partners

PHIX cooperates with several major players in the photonics industry to strengthen our position in this competitive market. Partnering with both emerging SMEs and well-known multinationals expands our product and service portfolio, enabling us to provide complete photonics assembly solutions in scalable volumes. 

ficontec logo

ficonTEC is a market-leading German machine manufacturer specializing in equipment for assembly and testing of photonic devices. Their strong expertise in achieving advanced assembly automation via hardware capability and software control is highly complementary to PHIX’s extensive process knowledge. While ficonTEC is supplying PHIX with automated equipment for hybrid chip-to-chip assembly using active alignment, PHIX is offering contract manufacturing and process development to ficonTEC customers.

nanoscribe bico logo

Nanoscribe is a market-leading German company providing high-precision 3D printing and grayscale lithography systems for nano-, micro- and mesoscale additive manufacturing. The new Quantum X align machine enhances the field-proven Quantum X platform with high-precision alignment capabilities for highaccuracy placement of printed structures. This partnership allows PHIX to offer freeform micro-optics to be printed directly onto optical fibers or photonic chips with submicron accuracy. 

The TEEM Photonics Waveguide Array to Fiber Transposer (WAFT) allows users to make an efficient coupling from single mode optical fibers to small mode field diameter photonic integrated circuits (PICs). These spot size converters made from ion exchanged glass are especially powerful in combination with fiber arrays, where traditional mode field reduction methods would lead to considerable misalignment losses.
Joining forces with TEEM Photonics allows PHIX to offer spot size converting fiber array solutions that support our customers in the early phases of PIC development and pave the way to volume manufacturing.

LioniX International supplies modules enabled by photonic integrated circuits (PIC) based on its proprietary waveguide technology (TriPleX™). PHIX spun out from LioniX International in 2017 to scale up their hybrid integration technology in order to build hybrid laser structures in high volumes. Although our companies collaborate on various projects, LioniX no longer owns a majority share in PHIX, making us a truly independent foundry for photonics assembly.

Synopsys has been the launching partner for our Packaging Design Kit. Their broadly adopted chip design software enables customers to consider not only the optical requirements of the chips, but also the interfacing to electrical and other components. For example, it provides guidance on the sizes and locations of electrical pads and the optical / electrical splitting of the chip. This sophisticated design support can lower the initial prototyping cost, reduce development time and allow for manufacturing scale-up.