Prototype packages

PHIX has developed several packaging solutions that allow for convenient, quick and affordable prototyping of your first photonic integrated circuits (PICs). They provide a housing with electrical connections, optical interfaces, and thermal management. Hybrid assembly of auxiliary chips is also supported.

PHIX Characterization Package development platform

We encourage the choice for a standard housing. Each of these have characteristics that favor certain chip dimensions and system configurations. However, if you have special requirements, we are happy to design a customized prototype package for you.

More details about the differences between our standard package types can be found in this table (new window).

Download PIC Design Guidelines and Rules

Please enter your contact information in order to access our PIC Design Guidelines and Design Rules documentation. You will also find support files such as design templates in GDS format.

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Optical interfacing (West)
Optical interfacing (East)
Electrical interfacing (North)
Electrical interfacing (South)
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“I did extensive market research to find a packaging foundry for my active hybrid integrated photonic device prototype and PHIX turned out to be the most reliable partner” – Andrey Voloshin (EPFL)