PHIX Photonics Assembly offers photonic packaging solutions based on customer-specific needs. Our services range from providing single manufacturing steps to complete joint development with manufacturing scale up depending on the needs of our customers.

Together with our engineering team and partnerships we provide solutions on a global scale, offering a one stop shop for your packaging requirement

Custom Fiber Arrays

PHIX manufactures high performance standard and custom v-groove fiber array with sub-micron fiber spacing accuracy and uniform fiber core center line. Our PM type v-groove fiber array has very precise axis alignment and high extinction ratio while our multimode fiber array can be made with variety fibers including non-fluorescent, UV fibers, and Mid-IR fibers.

We have a suite of standard fiber arrays available from stock.

Fiber array with Spot Size Converter

In order to efficiently couple light from Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) with small mode field diameters, one needs to taper down the light in order to efficiently couple it to a glass fiber. PHIX offers Spot Size Converters (SSC) that are pre-terminated on a fiber array. With this a direct connection can be made to your PIC without having the requirement to keep it at a specific focus distance in front of your chip. This reduces the required alignment degrees of freedom and ensures quick and repeatable interfacing.

Characterisation Package Standard (CPS)

To allow for flexible prototyping PHIX has developed a plug and play solution that allows quick and easy prototyping of your first chips without having the need to develop an expensive customized package. The CPS come with some design rules in order to be able to perform the wire bonding and fiber attach in a straight forward method. Also hybrid integrated PIC’s and fiber arrays up to 40 fibers can be accommodated by the package standard

Custom Package development

If you want to introduce your product into a specific market, we are there to help you with our custom design competencies. We have a broad experience in existing markets like telecommunication packaging, but as well have a proven track record for sensor assemblies for use in industrial, automotive, medical, space and military operations. By collaborating in an early stage of the product development together we can make sure that your product meets the requirements throughout its product life cycle.


Contract Manufacturing

If you want to outsource your assembly process or you’re looking for a second supplier of your own manufacturing, we are your trusted partner and scale with your growth. Our engineering team can validate what is required for a safe launch transfer and decide together how to release our packaging foundry for your product.

Were happy to support you by performing dedicated steps of your production on our equipment. Here we offer services for die bonding, wire bonding, hybrid assembly, fiber attachment, testing etc.

Engineering Services

If you need a partner for your design and require feedback for your packaging, we’re there to support you. We support our customers at an early stage starting at the chip design level. We help you with experts to transfer our manufacturing knowledge such that the whole product is developed from the ground up, taking manufacturability as one of the key priorities throughout the development.

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