In the assembly and packaging of optoelectronic components and modules based on photonic integrated circuits (PICs), PHIX serves markets like LiDAR systems, 5G and beyond, medical devices, and quantum computing. Discover how we tackle the packaging challenges and perform volume scale-up for each of these application areas.

integrated photonic biosensor

LiDAR systems

LiDAR is the optical equivalent of radar. Well-known applications are in biometric scanning, autonomous vehicles, 3D landscape mapping, and industrial security. PICs are a great basis for LiDAR systems, because of their high number of complex building blocks, small size, low power consumption, and low cost. They are themselves not yet a functional product, but need to be packaged into optoelectronic modules. PHIX can perform the integration with components such as other PICs, electronics and micro-optics and deliver high performance LiDAR modules that can scale to volume and pass strict qualification standards. Read more… 

communications tower

5G and beyond

The traffic volume of mobile data is growing rapidly. This calls for a wider adaptation of 5G connectivity and future technologies that move into the terahertz range. PIC-based devices have the advantage of being able to provide more broadband microwave beams and more link gain compared to purely electronic counterparts. In order to be truly competitive, however, these optoelectronic modules need to be highly reliable, robust, and cost effective. PHIX can manufacture PIC-based telecom modules that combine high performance with minimal signal degradation and effective thermal management. Read more…

integrated photonic biosensor

Medical devices

Devices based on PICs have great potential to solve the healthcare challenges in society today. PICs can miniaturize many of the optical technologies already used for medical treatment and diagnosis and provide portable and low-cost high-performance solutions. While PICs have the potential to revolutionize medical devices, they first need to be interfaced to other components like electronics, microfluidics, and optical fibers. PHIX performs the micro-assembly of optoelectronic modules and helps you define a roadmap from prototype to volume production. Read more…

photonic quantum processor on silicon nitride


Photonics has a long history of exploring quantum phenomena and is playing a key role in technologies such as quantum computing, quantum key distribution, and quantum metrology. PICs can take this to the next level by combining hundreds of optical components on a chip, offering miniaturization with lithographic accuracy. PIC-based quantum photonics solutions are already finding their way into the market. An example of a commercialization process in this field is that of a quantum photonic processor, which PHIX packaged into an optoelectronic module that became part of a commercial product. Read more…

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