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Assembling your photonic integrated circuits (PICs) or micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) into functional modules in scalable volumes is PHIX’s core expertise. We have a broad experience in designing and assembling modules for telecommunications, industrial, automotive, medical, space and defense applications. We support all major material platforms, such as Silicon Photonics, SiN, InP and PLC, and can even co-package multiple PIC technologies into one product. We can also provide hermetic sealing for your module.

tunable laser manufactured in volumes

If possible, we would like to start collaborating with you at an early stage of your PIC design. The early involvement of our experts can be crucial for the optimal performance, cost and manufacturability of your module, in small batches and in high volumes. 

More specifications of our standard package types can be found in this table (new window).

Download our Design Guidelines (.pdf)

To help you optimize your PIC design for low-cost and low-risk packaging and select the most suitable standardized package type, we offer you our PHIX Design Guidelines document as a free download.

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