PHIX Characterization Package

The PHIX Characterization Package is an open architecture prototyping package for photonic integrated circuits (PICs). Because it’s based on off-the-shelf building blocks and standardized production processes, it offers a quick and affordable way to perform characterization of your first chips or system integration tests of your optoelectronic module. Besides highly standardized, this development platform is also very flexible, supporting PICs of different sizes and material platforms.

Key features

  • PICs of 4 to 20 mm and of several material platforms are supported.
  • Interfaces:
    • up to 2 optical (east and west)
    • up to 2 electrical (north and south)
  • Support for edge coupled and grating coupled fiber interfaces.
  • Up to 32 optical I/Os per side.
  • Optional spot size converters for mode field matching of edge coupled optical interfaces.
  • Single mode or polarization maintaining fiber options.
  • Two fan-out printed circuit boards (PCBs) with 60 DC electrical contacts each.
PHIX Characterization Package development platform


Prices for standard configurations of the PHIX Characterization Package range roughly between €1490 and €4200 per package (when ordering at least 3 packages).

Module building blocks

The PHIX Characterization Package is built around a gold-plated copper base that carries the PIC, fiber array strain reliefs, printed circuit boards (PCBs), and spacers for the transparent cover plate.

PHIX Characterization Package standard building blocks

Optional PHIX Cooling Carrier

The PHIX Characterization Package is fitted with an NTC thermistor inside its gold-plated copper base, which allows temperature measurement of the PIC. The PHIX Cooling Carrier is an optional expansion that allows the temperature to be controlled using a 20W thermoelectric cooler (TEC). The Cooling Carrier is attached below the module and has a convenient mounting plate for connection to an optical table. Using a TEC controller (not included) the temperature of the PIC can be kept at a constant value.

PHIX Characterizaqtion Package with attached TEC cooling carrier

Package customizations

Various customizations of the PHIX Characterization Package are possible, like including radio frequency (RF) connectivity and accommodating even more chip sizes and platforms. However, keep in mind that these customizations may significantly raise the packaging cost and lead time due to the use of customized parts and processes, and the need for non-recurring engineering.

Design rules documentation

In order to benefit from the low packaging costs and short lead times that the PHIX Characterization Package allows, your chip design must adhere to some specific design rules. Conformity with these rules allows PHIX to make use of standardized (and automated) production processes and off-the-shelf building blocks. The design rules for the PHIX Characterization Package build on the PIC Design Guidelines document that describes good design practices for all package types. We highly recommend that you download and study both documents.

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Our PHIX Characterization Package support page provides a quick start video and covers a number of Frequently Asked Questions about this package type.

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