PHIX moves into new building

May 14th 2024 

From June 3rd 2024 PHIX will occupy a new building in Enschede, The Netherlands, which is fully tailored to our integrated photonics and MEMS packaging operations and a further scale-up to volume manufacturing. 

Our new home at Kennispark Twente

The PHIX main cleanroom before the move of the equipment

With 1800 square meters of floor space and up to ISO 5 cleanrooms, our new facility will have plenty of space and infrastructure to house our ever-growing team and state-of-the-art equipment for the volume manufacturing of optoelectronic modules based on photonic integrated circuits (PICs) and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS). One example of new equipment that we will house here is the ASMPT Amicra Nano die bonder and flip chip tool, which will arrive in September.

Apart from supporting our own growth and expansion, this new facility will enable a further industrialization of the innovations of our worldwide customers, advancing the photonic chip industry as a whole.

New address and temporary interruption of operations

Please update your address books with our new contact information, effective from June 3rd 2024. Please note that our phone number will also change. Our PO Box will no longer be active.

Hengelosestraat 525
7521 AG Enschede
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 88 7449 000

Due to the move, our manufacturing operations will be interrupted from June 6th until June 19th.

Please direct any questions about the move and its effect on our operations to

moving of manufacturing equipment in a cleanroom