PHIX builds series of PIXAPP designed PIC modules

This PIXAPP commercial prototype package involved the assembly of a silicon photonics integrated circuit (PIC) onto an electronic printed circuit board that has an integrated thermo-electric cooler (TEC) mounted below it. For ease of assembly, the optical fiber array was connected using a grating coupler with alignment loops. A modified version of this design is available which allows for edge coupled photonic chip assembly.

PIXAPP module TEC grating

Photonic assembly with integrated TEC

The package design by Tyndall National Institute was made available to PHIX through the PIXAPP pilot line. PHIX is the first foundry to apply this design in a commercial product. The PIXAPP consortium represents photonic packaging foundries in Europe as a central point of contact. One of its strategies is to increase the level of standardization in photonic assemblies. By defining standards about how the building blocks of a PIC-based assembly are connected to each other, the design and manufacturing cost of customized packages can be significantly reduced.

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