PIC Design Guidelines

front page of document design guidelines for photonic integrated circuit packaging

The packaging of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) is a complex process, because it brings together optical and electrical interfacing, thermal management, mechanical support and sometimes even chemical sealing. Optimizing the packaged module for performance, robustness, cost-effectiveness, and time to market already begins at the layouting stage of the PIC design. Therefore, to help PIC designers achieve a layout that is set up for packaging success, PHIX is offering a document called “Design Guidelines for Photonic Integrated Circuit Packaging” for free download.

These guidelines are largely independent of package type and although the best practices outlined in the document apply mostly to prototype packages, they can also beneficial for volume packages.

Download our Design Guidelines (.pdf)

To help you optimize your PIC design for low-cost and low-risk packaging and select the most suitable standardized package type, we offer you our PHIX Design Guidelines document as a free download.

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