Other markets

With our integrated photonics assembly services, PHIX enables the advancement of cutting-edge innovations in many markets and for a multitude of applications. Besides LiDAR, medical devices, data and telecommunications beyond 5G and quantum, our customers push the boundaries in other specialized fields, including, but not limited to spectroscopy and fiber sensing. 



Spectroscopy is the study of the interaction between matter and electromagnetic radiation. It allows substances to be identified based on their unique spectral signatures. This is useful in a wide variety of applications, such as healthcare, food safety, and environmental monitoring. Spectrometers based on photonic integrated circuits (PICs) are revolutionizing the industry, because they are replacing bulky and expensive equipment requiring expert operators with portable, affordable and easy-to-use units capable of realtime chemical analysis in the field. The packaging and assembly solutions of PHIX are pivotal for integrating these innovative PICs with light sources and other optical connections, and electronics for processing the measurements.

wind turbine

Fiber sensing

The use of Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs) can turn optical fibers into very precise sensors for realtime measurement of the structural integrity of objects like bridges, pipelines, wind turbine blades, and railroad tracks. The interrogation units that transmit and detect the light can be miniaturized and made more robust and affordable by using photonic integrated circuits, thereby enabling an increase in the number of measurement points.

How PHIX can accelerate innovation

PHIX can contribute to your PIC based technology by providing packaging and module assembly in scalable volumes. We have extensive experience with hybrid assembly of different PIC platforms, a technique that is vital in many applications to combine the favorable properties of different semiconductor materials.

Our prototype packages provide a good starting point for characterization of your PIC and prototyping of optoelectronic modules. For higher production numbers our volume packages may be an even better fit. If your modules are already being manufactured but you need some extra capacity or security in your supply chain, we can run your processes on our automatic machines through outsourcing or second-sourcing. Keep an eye on our news section for the latest developments of our rapidly growing company.

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