Robert Wu to represent PHIX in China

PHIX is happy to introduce Robert Wu as our sales representative in China. Robert is a native Chinese speaker based in Shenzhen and has a large network within the Asian fiber optics and photonics world. His proven track record in forging new business connections will help PHIX navigate the Chinese market more successfully.

Robert holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanics and master’s degree in MBA in China. He has been doing sales and business development jobs for several international companies in China for more than 10 years, separately in semiconductor and fiber optics businesses. In 2015, he joined US Conec Co., Ltd, a world-leading company developing fiber optics interconnect technologies in North Carolina, United States. He was involved in sales and business development jobs to support Asia-Pacific customers, and he helped double the yearly sales revenue in the Asia-Pacific region in 4 years. After working with numerous telecom/datacom end users, transceiver makers and assembly manufacturers, he established a solid network of people in fiber optics and photonics businesses in China and other countries of Asia. He founded UCTEC Co., Ltd. in 2020 to do consulting services towards high-tech business partners. Starting from January 2021, he decided to collaborate with PHIX, to help the PIC assembly foundry explore business opportunities in China.

Sales rep Robert Wu for PHIX

Robert Wu

PHIX Business Development Representative

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