Through the use of photonics, more and better signalling is established in comparison to devices running on traditional electron-based semiconductors. PICs allow for miniaturization of devices, more embedded functionalities and hence overall lower cost. Ongoing technological developments position PICs as being particularly suitable for sensing applications (biomedical and gas sensors), autonomous cars (LIDARs), medical devises (e.g. optical coherence tomography), bio photonics as well as for applications in tele- and datacom.

PICs are to be connected to optical fibers and electrical connections, which are to be assembled in order to guarantee optimal performance. We enable your products to reach economies of scale – through assembly and volume manufacturing of PICs – and package them into qualified modules.


Assembly and volume production can take place only when PICs can be interfaced correctly. That’s why PIC design is pivotal. We advise you on how to design your PIC in such a way that it can be assembled and produced in mass-volumes. Our qualified engineers provide mechanical support by modifying the PIC in order to meet your demands.


A PIC by itself is to be assembled and packaged before it can find its way into your product. Multiple modes of interfacing (such as with fiber arrays, free-space and electronics) are imperative for unleashing the benefits PICs. Through volume manufacturing by our automated in-house assembly facilities, we offer scalable volumes of customized products. That’s how we provide a one-stop-shop – from design to assembly of the PIC– to our customers.


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