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Scalable Highly-Integrated Packaging for the 5G World: Datacenters to Drones

June 17 @ 4:45 pm - 6:00 pm UTC+2


A presentation on Advanced Photonics Packaging by Jeroen Duis and Bradley Snyder of PHIX, organized by the IEEE Electronics Packaging Society.

In this talk, Jeroen and Bradley will discuss some of the advanced photonics packaging work that PHIX has been performing in the European Union Horizon 2020 projects TERAWAY and POETICS. In both projects, a close integration of many dissimilar components from multiple material platforms introduces new challenges in hybrid integration and especially thermal management. These platforms include those of our project partners Fraunhofer HHI (PolyBoard [polymer on Si carrier], InP) and LioniX International (TriPleX [SiN]) along with CMOS chips from commercial suppliers and custom designs in multi-project wafer runs.

The photonic integration in these projects realizes parallel chip-to-chip integration to a photonic motherboard as well as fiber-to-chip coupling for system I/O. The optical interconnects are supported by electrical circuits operating both in the DC and RF regimes targeting symbol rates of 100 Gbaud and beyond. In the case of the TERAWAY project, all of this needs to be realized in the form factor of an unpiloted drone. Particular attention will be given to the packaging design rules that enable this integration as well as the thermal design process and trade-offs associated with various cooling strategies.

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