Join the PHIX Photonics Assembly team!

PHIX is one of the fastest growing production companies in The Netherlands, serving some of the biggest and most innovative tech companies in the world with photonic chip packaging. Our team works together in a flat organizational structure and offers many opportunities for collaboration and growth. Discover our job openings, or send an open application.

As part of the PHIX team you can:

  • Help enable groundbreaking innovations that tackle important societal challenges
  • Be part of a multidisciplinary and multicultural team
  • Experience the industrialization of photonic chip technology firsthand
  • Enjoy a great work-life balance in beautiful Twente region in The Netherlands

Job openings

As the photonics market is dynamic and growing fast, we are continuously looking for candidates with experience in photonics and microassembly. So if you don’t see an open position that fits you but still feel you would be a good addition to the PHIX team, feel free to send your resume and motivation to and we’ll get back to you shortly.

What other employees say

Meet some of your potential new colleagues and learn how they experience the work at PHIX and their life in the Twente region of The Netherlands.

In The Spotlight: Keerthigan Shanmuganathan

In The Spotlight: Keerthigan Shanmuganathan

May 30th 2024 Production operator Keerthigan Shanmuganathan talks about big changes in his life and his Sri Lankan roots   It has been a big year for Keerthigan Shanmuganathan. He began working at PHIX in October 2023 and, in a way, the new job also started a new...

In The Spotlight: Carl Whittaker

In The Spotlight: Carl Whittaker

February 14th 2023 ‘Almost Dutch’ financial administrator Carl Whittaker talks about his work at PHIX and life in Enschede Although Carl has moved halfway across the globe to end up in Enschede, The Netherlands, few people can match the level of stability that he has...

In The Spotlight: Zerihun Tegegne

In The Spotlight: Zerihun Tegegne

Project manager Zerihun Tegegne gathered his expertise in microwave photonics and optoelectronics in many places in the world. In this edition of In The Spotlight we discover why someone who has traveled so far can still feel right at home in Twente.It’s tempting to...

About PHIX

PHIX designs and manufactures modules based on photonic chips, or photonic integrated circuits (PICs). PICs offer greater data transfer speed and lower energy consumption when compared to electronic chips, and they open up new innovative applications that tackle the challenges of today’s society. PIC-based modules can be part of, for example, LiDAR systems for self-driving vehicles and mobile medical scanners, or revolutionize (quantum) computing power. Our chip packaging and assembly services bridge the gap between the chip designers and the device manufacturers and require a very multidisciplinary approach to module design and production.